Running your first Survey (From Scratch)

Create an Organisation

The first step is creating an account for your organisation on Roslin. You do this from our sign-up page. The person who creates the organisation automatically becomes its first admin.

You'll add the rest of your people to this company later.

Choose your Questions and Compile your Survey

Deciding WHAT you want to measure is the first step. We recommend starting with a foundation survey using our entire question pool and then switching to monthly pulse surveys.

This means reviewing our questions and deciding which to toggle to active or dormant. 

You can review our question pool by browsing to Engagement > Survey Admin > Questions from the sidebar. 

When compiling a manual survey, you can select questions from this pool. Only active questions will be eligible for selection when you automate surveys. This gives you control of what gets asked and, thus, what gets measured.

On our free plan, you can select any questions within our pool. On our Engagement Pro Plan, you can also add your questions. You'll need to activate a subscription to enable this.

Activate a Subscription (Optional)

If you'd like to add your own questions or use our advanced analytics, you'll need to enable a subscription to our Engagement Pro Plan. All the Engagement Survey features are in our Engagement Module.

Browse to Admin >> Subscriptions on the sidebar and upgrade the Roslin Engagement Plan. Our Starter plan for Engagement is free forever. Our Pro plan allows for a 30-day free trial to test it out.

Send a Communication to your People (Recommended)

Before we send our survey, we need to add your people to Roslin. When we do that, they'll all get an email notifying them that they've been added to Roslin and asking them to activate their accounts. We've found that you get the best results with Roslin if you first notify your people about it, what you intend to use it for, and why it's important. This builds trust in your project and Roslin. 

We recommend something like the following:

Hi Team,

We're deploying a new Employee Experience Platform called Roslin. It runs anonymous surveys on a continuous basis. The purpose is to help the management team track engagement across the organisation by getting real-time feedback from everyone. This will allow the management team to be more responsive to issues in the workplace and to track our progress over time. 

This survey is an opportunity for you to express your opinions and provide constructive feedback anonymously. All the data is collected and collated by Roslin to protect your identity.

You will then be notified when a survey comes out, which will be very quick to complete. When you receive the survey request, please give it your prompt attention. 

Please continue giving constructive feedback to keep the conversation going with management so we can make this an even better place to work!

Account Activation and Support

When your account is created on Roslin, you will receive an activation email.

1) It will show what email address was used for your account. This email address is your username for logging in.

2) Click the Activate Account button in the email. You will be taken to a screen to choose a password.

If you have any technical issues with the platform, please email You can also visit the Roslin Help centre by going to for faster self-service. If you have any further issues or questions when using Roslin, then please message me.

Kind regards,

Project Leader Name

Whitelist our domain (Optional, Recommended)

It's crucial that our emails are delivered to your people. Often, email servers are too quick to send new domains to spam, which can hurt your activation and survey response rates. We recommend that you whitelist our domain to ensure that all these emails get through. This is easy to do and normally handled by your IT team. Read more here: Email Whitelisting.

Import your People into Roslin

Now that you've done your planning, decided what to measure, and communicated with your people, it's time to import them into Roslin.

If you have a small team, this could be done by adding them one at a time. You'll be able to learn how to do so in our article on adding users.

We typically recommend importing your people using a CSV file. You likely already have a list of your people on another HR system or in a spreadsheet. If you convert this to a CSV file, you can follow our instructions on importing using a CSV to add all your people quickly.

We also assist with integrations with various cloud systems like BambooHR. This is only available to our Pro customers. Please get in touch with us at if you need help with this.

Launch the Survey

To build a manual survey, go to Engagement >> Survey Admin >> Surveys and click the Create Survey button.

This takes you through a simple four-step process.

Read our Sending Surveys article for more details on sending, automating or scheduling a survey.

Surveys are sent to all active users on Roslin when the survey is sent out. When the survey is sent out, all users will get an email notifying them of the survey with a unique link.

Send Reminders (Optional)

All users who still need to complete the survey will be reminded to do so three days before the survey closes.

In addition, you can send reminders to users every two days by manually clicking the Send Reminders button on the surveys screen.

Review the Results

As soon as three users have responded to the survey, you can start reviewing the results. To do so, click the Results button from the survey screen. You can see more on Survey Results here.

This gives you a basic overview of the results by question or engagement driver. For more analysis, we recommend you look at our article on Engagement Analytics.

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