Email Whitelisting

The email notifications from our Software as a Service (SaaS) application are crucial in ensuring smooth communication and operational efficiency. However, there may be instances where these notifications might not reach your inbox due to your email server's security settings. To prevent this, it is essential to whitelist our application's domain on your email server. The domain to whitelist is

What is Whitelisting? Whitelisting is a process that allows email servers to identify trusted senders. By adding our SaaS application's domain to your email server's whitelist, you ensure that emails sent from our application are not blocked or sent to the spam/junk folder but instead land directly in your inbox.

Why is it Necessary to Whitelist our Domain?

  1. Ensures Deliverability: Whitelisting helps ensure that all email notifications from our SaaS application are delivered directly to your inbox, thereby avoiding potential miscommunications.
  2. Prevents Emails from Being Marked as Spam: Even legitimate emails can sometimes be marked as spam by email servers. Whitelisting our domain reduces this risk.
  3. Trust and Security: By whitelisting our domain, you are letting your email server know that we are a trusted sender, thereby reinforcing the security of your emails.

How to whitelist Roslin's Domain:

While the exact steps may vary depending on your email provider, the general process to whitelist our domain is as follows:

  1. Access your email server's admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the settings or security options.
  3. Look for a section titled 'Whitelist', 'Safe Senders', or something similar.
  4. Enter our domain ( into the appropriate field.
  5. Save your changes.

By following these steps, you should be able to receive all the email notifications from our SaaS application directly in your inbox. If you have any issues or need any more help, please reach out to your IT department or our customer support team.

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