Insights Overview

The Survey Insights pages allow you to dive deep into all the quantitative information received from your employees over multiple surveys. It consists of three main screens:

The Survey Insights Overview has three panels which provide high-level information.

Headline eNPS

This is the most commonly used method of calculating Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). While we should use eNPS-style calculations throughout Roslin, this panel displays Headline eNPS, calculated using the question: " I would be happy to promote the organisation as an employer to my friends and family".

We have a whole article dedicated to how eNPS-style calculations are performed.

You can toggle between the eNPS score and the actual counts used to calculate it.

Response Rate

The Response Rate is calculated as the number of surveys answered out of all surveys sent during the period. 

If you want to see a breakdown, click the See Breakdown button or use segmentation as noted below in this article.

Engagement Drivers

This panel contains a lot of high-level information grouped by Engagement Driver. You can toggle between the following four reports:

  • Average Scores per Driver
  • eNPS Scores per Driver
  • eNPS Counts per Driver
  • eNPS Percentages per Driver

Each of these datasets can be exported to CSV using the export button.

You can see the Driver Drilldown by going to the Scores tab and then clicking on the relevant Driver.


On the Pro version of Roslin Engagement, you can segment the data on this page. This means the entire page will recalculate to represent the chosen segment of employees.

Click the Filters button at the top of the page, build the relevant filter, and click apply. 

As shown below, we've filtered by the Location of London. This will update the eNPS, Response Rate and Engagement Drivers panels to only show data for Employees in London if able.

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