Insights Driver Drill Downs

The Driver Drill Downs allow you to see more detail for each Driver over time. Roslin will stitch together data from multiple surveys to build time-series charts for you.

You can get to the Driver Drilldowns by going to the Survey Insights page, scrolling to the bottom, and then clicking on the relevant Driver.

There are two major sections on this page:

  • Panels related to the Driver
  • Panels related to the Questions linked to this Driver

Both sections give you the same information. They have a time-series chart on the right that can toggle between average scores and the eNPS score. It can also be exported.

The doughnut chart on the left provides the latest data and groups employees into Promoters, Passives or Detractors for the driver or question.

Scrolling down the page, you get to the question section. You can toggle between the questions using the buttons as shown.


You can dive deeper into trends in your people data by segmenting your data further. On this screen, you can add multiple segments and see them plotted on the charts as shown below.

To remove a Segment, click on it or click the Reset button.

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