Sending Surveys

In Roslin, there are two ways of sending surveys that can be used interchangeably:

  1. Manual (Once-off) Surveys
  2. Automated Regular Surveys

Manual Surveys

This provides complete control to admins. This will allow you to select all the questions in the survey and then send the survey immediately or schedule it later. This is ideal for once-off surveys or more extensive baseline surveys.

To do so, you can go to Survey Admin on the sidebar, click Surveys and then click Create Survey at the top of the screen.

Now you can select a name for your survey and its expiry date and choose questions to add to it.

The first step to creating a survey is adding a name on the Details Tab. Once added, click the Next button to continue to the next step. 

The second step is adding the questions you want to your survey by clicking the Add Questions button. 

The next step is to select the recipients of this survey. You can do so by clicking the Select Segments button and adding specific segments, or you can send the survey to all active users by simply clicking the Next button.

The final step displays a summary of your survey and requires you to select an Expiry Date. Once selected, the Send Now button becomes clickable.

You can also save your progress and return to this draft survey later.

Automated Surveys

If you want Roslin to generate and schedule surveys automatically, you can create a Survey Automation. These are ideal for creating pulse surveys to measure engagement throughout the year.

A Survey Automation is simply a rule you set that will run perpetually until you stop it.  It will allow you to select how often to generate surveys, how many questions to add and how long the surveys should remain open.

To use the Survey Automation, use the sidebar to navigate to Engagement > Survey Admin. Once there, select the Survey Automation option at the top of your screen, and click the Add Automation button as seen below. 

Roslin makes this process incredibly easy. Add all the details in the single page form to complete the Automation process, and click on the save button at the bottom of your screen as seen below.

The Survey Automation will generate a Scheduled Survey three days before it is due to be sent and notify all the admins that this survey has been generated. This will allow your admins to review the survey and make changes before it goes out to your company. You can also unschedule the survey or delete it entirely. Your Survey should now be completely automated and accessible at any time on the Survey Automation page.

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