Survey Comments and Conversations

This section collects all the quantitative data from surveys (comments).

You can reach it from Engagement > Conversations > All Comments on the sidebar.

Reading and Filtering Comments

As you run multiple surveys, you'll receive a lot of employee feedback. Reading through the feedback is an excellent way to understand the trends you see in the Survey Insights pages.

To help you digest all this information, we've added filters and the ability to export.

To add a filter, click the add filter button and choose the type of filter. In this case, we chose Location.

This will add the relevant field for filtering, which you can use. Start typing in what you want to filter by, and Roslin will autocomplete the field based on data already used in your Employee Records.

Once you've selected the filter(s) you want, click the apply button, and Roslin will run the filter for you.

Responding to Comments by starting Conversations

If you're using Roslin Engagement Pro, you can respond to comments anonymously. In our experience, this is helpful in three common use cases:

  • As an admin, you want to dig deeper into an important response from an employee
  • As a Talent Leader, you might want to resolve an issue raised by an employee
  • Employees now have an anonymous channel to raise serious issues in the workplace, like harassment, racism, etc. HR can then guide them on the way forward.

In conversations, the person who created the comment (the survey respondent) is always kept anonymous, while the Roslin Admin will have their name shown.

To start or continue a conversation, click on the Respond button of the relevant panel. It will open an easy-to-use modal showing the conversation history.

Employees are often interested in how identity is handled in these conversations, so we have an article showing a conversation from both perspectives here.

Pro Tip: It is very common for Talent Leaders to have an idea of who raised the comment. We strongly advise that you refrain from identifying the employee or approaching them directly about it. This will only erode trust in Roslin and prevent frank feedback from employees in the future.

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