December 2023 Updates

[Surveys, Admins] New Survey Question Types

By popular demand, we've added three new question types to Surveys. These changes are the foundation needed for many upcoming features, so watch this space.

Likert: This will be our new default question, as it's easy for all involved to understand and interpret the results. We will be using it in our upcoming best practice survey templates.

Select (or Multiple Choice): This is for the once-off surveys, like asking what would be the ideal theme for the upcoming office party, but it could also be used for more serious matters like which senior leadership team member should be on a particular committee.

Custom Rating: This option was added to allow admins to tackle all the edge cases not covered by the first four question types.

[General, All Users] Organogram Upgrades

The organogram now stacks, making it easier to load and traverse. You can learn how to update the ogranogram here.

[Reviews, Admins] Bulk Feedback Reminders

When running a Review Round, an admin can send reminders to all reviewers to complete their feedback. Roslin will only send one digest email to each reviewer this way to prevent spam.

[Reviews, Admins] Moderator Selection

When creating Review Rounds, admins can now select on what basis the moderators are chosen upfront.

[Reviews, Admins] Automatic adding of Reviewers

When creating new Review Rounds, admins can bulk-create the Reviews AND add the Reviewers upfront using this new setting. This makes it much easier to build out more straightforward rounds like 1-on-1s and self-reflections quickly.

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