Building the Organogram

There are two ways to update the organogram:

  • Updating who a user reports to, or
  • Importing the email address of who users report to with a CSV import.

Updating a user

To build out the organogram and enable more powerful filtering, you can create relationships between staff within Roslin.

For instance, for a given user (let's say Alexandra), you can link Alexandra to her supervisor and her direct reports. You can do this by going to User Management, where all your users can be viewed and updated.

Then select a user to update and go to their team tab.

Once there, change the supervisor by clicking the change button. Use the search box that pops up to quickly find the relevant user to act as Alexandra’s supervisor.

To add direct reports, use the search box in the direct reports section, search for the relevant user and click add to confirm.

Importing relationships with a CSV

When Importing bulk information using a CSV file, the SupervisorEmail field automatically sets the Supervisor of a user when the supervisor’s email is added to the field. Roslin automatically updates the data of existing users with the import data, so using CSV files and linking the correct Supervisor Email address to a user is an easy way to set user supervisors in bulk. 

For a given user, Roslin will use the SupervisorEmail field to search for any users in that database with that field as their email address. It will set that user as the current user’s supervisor if it finds one. It’s thus essential to ensure that all users' emails are correct.

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