November 2023 Updates

[Reviews, Admins] Added Review Round Introduction

Admins can now write an introduction for Review Rounds. They are displayed at the top of each Review and are a great place to leave explanations, context and/or instructions.

[Reviews, Admins] Added Final Ratings for Review Round Charts

When admins calculate a Final Rating during reviews, they can plot them on the Bar and 9-box charts.

[General, All Users] Added Team Pages

Two new Team pages are visible to all users. One is for everyone who reports to your manager, and another is for everyone who reports to you (if relevant). This provides a great way to set context when reviewing objectives, recognition and Engagement Data. The latter must be enabled for you by your Roslin Admin.

Teams are inferred by the reporting structure inside Roslin, as seen on the organogram.

[General, Admins] Added User Insights

If you've uploaded start and end dates for your people, you'll have access to insights, as shown below. This is insightful people analytics data that we'll expand on over time. If you need help getting your data clean or integrating with your HRIS, please reach out to our support team at

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