Survey Sentiment (Beta)

We're rolling out Survey Sentiment analysis to help Talent Admins digest the vast amount of qualitative responses coming back from surveys. 

This makes asking open-ended questions way more valuable and saves time.

This is a BETA feature which requires an opt-in. Please contact our support team to enable it for you at

Sentiment on Comments

The first thing you'll notice is that we now calculate the sentiment of each survey comment. It's visible on the card from the various screens across Roslin.

Sentiment Overview

You can get to the Sentiment Overview by going to the results for a particular survey, clicking on the comments tab and then clicking on the Survey Sentiment Button.

This will take you to the Sentiment Overview, where you can see the overall sentiment of the survey, per driver, and per question.

Calculating Sentiment

Once enabled, we'll calculate the sentiment as employees complete their surveys. You won't need to take any action.

The sentiment for previous surveys can be calculated by clicking the Recalculate Sentiment button on the Sentiment page.


This is a new and rapidly evolving feature, hence the beta status. We would appreciate any feedback you can give us, and it will guide future development.

Let us know what would be more insightful or valuable to you, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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