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Important Note: The below calculations rely on your user list to include all employees (including those who have left) along with their start date and end date (if relevant) fields to be completed. Dormant users do not contribute to your billing but are needed to complete the calculations below.

1. Employee Attrition

Definition: Employee attrition refers to the rate at which employees leave your organisation.

Calculation: It's calculated by dividing the number of employees who have left in a specified period by the average number of employees during the same period.

Formula: Attrition Rate = (Number of Departures / Average Number of Employees) x 100

2. Employee Tenure

Definition: Employee tenure represents the average duration of stay of employees in your organisation.

Calculation: This is the average of the total duration of employment for all current employees.

Formula: Average Tenure = Total Years of Service by Current Employees / Number of Current Employees

3. Headcount

Definition: Headcount is the total number of employees in your organisation.

Calculation: This is a straightforward count of all active employees on your payroll.

Note: Headcount is often used as a base figure for other calculations, like attrition rate.

4. Span of Control

Definition: Span of control refers to the number of direct reports a manager has.
Calculation: This is calculated by averaging the number of direct reports across all managers in the organisation.
Formula: Average Span of Control = Total Number of Direct Reports in the Organisation / Number of Managers

Additional Tips:

  • Please update your data regularly for accurate calculations.
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