October 2023 Updates

[Reviews] Rating Scales now allow decimals

[Reviews] Review Question Library is much easier to manage

When creating Review Templates, you can now quickly add a question and optionally save it to your library. Previously, all questions were saved to the library which quickly became unmageable.

[Reviews] Review Status names changed

We've changed the names of Review status fields for reviews to be more intuitive.
Setup >> Planning
New >> Setup
Open >> Open
Draft >> Finalising
Closed >> Closed

[Reviews] Moderator Reminders

Admins can now send reminders to moderators to manage and close their reviews for the teams.

[Recognition] Relevant Recognition

The recognition on the company page can now be sorted by relevance to you.

[Surveys] Priority Questions

Many of our customers want to track eNPS scores and have them measured often. To enable this, we've added a priority question toggle. Priority questions will be asked in every Pulse Survey when using Survey Automation.

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