August 2023 Updates - Objective Tags and eNPS Updates

Performance Updates

Cloning of objectives

Users can now clone any public objective in the organisation. This makes it much easier to populate their objectives.

Split weightings evenly function

For convenience, users can now click this button to split the weighting of their objectives or key results evenly.

Description Of Success field

Users can now add a Description of Success to their Key Results to better define what this looks like if needed. This is especially helpful if you want to describe how progress towards the Key Result will relate to a rating scale used in a review.

Objective Tags

Users can now add Tags to objectives to create more structure. Admins can create and edit the Tag List which can then be applied by all users.

Request Update for Managers

Managers can now prompt their teams to update objectives and progress through Roslin.

Engagement Updates

eNPS is now calculated everywhere

eNPS-type calculations are now performed throughout Roslin. As a rating formula, it is more sensitive to low scores from detractors which helps identify issues sooner.

eNPS for Analytics Dashboard only uses the key question

The eNPS widget on the Survey Analytics screen will now only work with the commonly used eNPS question. We've called it Headline eNPS to distinguish it from the other eNPS scores.

Driver drill-down exports

Admins can now export Driver Drill Down data.

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