June 2023 Updates - Huge Objective Updates

V2.31 Objective Alignment and more… (2 June 2023)

  • Objectives can now be made private. Only the objective owner and their manager can see such an objective.
  • Highly Requested: Objectives can have aligned with parent objectives. This allows for the building of an objective hierarchy.
    • Private objectives cannot be aligned as they are invisible to the rest of the company.
  • Objectives now have a level: Individual, Team or Company.
    • Company objectives can be viewed from the company objectives screen.
    • Managers can see all objectives of their Direct Reports.
  • Visual improvements to objective cards for better context on Search, Hierarchy, Team and Personal Objective screens.

V2.30 Objectives in Reviews (17 May 2023)

  • Highly Requested: Added the ability to pull Objectives into Reviews.
    • Review Templates have an Objective Section.
    • Objectives are pulled into Reviews during Review Rounds.
    • Objective results are shown in Individual and Review Round Results.
  • Question Count is now shown on the driver page of Survey Results. This makes it easier to understand how many questions were included in each driver of the survey.
  • A Performance Scale is now required for Review Rounds. We found that customers weren't using the scoring out of 100, and all preferred to use a performance scale.
  • Performance Scales can now be used as presets when creating Review Questions. This makes creating questions faster and avoids errors.
  • Added some Best-Practice Performance Scales when creating new Performance Scales.

V2.29 Notification System (3 March 2023)

  • Users had difficulty tracking the engagement with Recognitions, so we added a notification system. We will gradually expand this throughout Roslin and an email digest later on.
  • We rounded out the cosmetic upgrades to Roslin for a more modern and unified look and feel.
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