Roslin is a system is built on trust. Staff members need to be candid and honest for management to get authentic data back to make quality decisions that benefit everyone. For this to happen, the Roslin platform and the managers who use it must maintain trust in the system.

With this in mind, Roslin is built to allow staff to submit ANONYMOUS feedback. Responses submitted by staff cannot be seen in a way that would allow them to be identified. Managers can drill down to see the comments and responses at a department or location level, but Roslin has locks that block this data if too few users have responded and would thus have been at risk of being identified.

When writing comments to questions, keep in mind the wording of your response if you're concerned about being identified. We advise that you word your response in such a way that management can clearly understand your problem, idea or thoughts without being able to pinpoint who you are. That said if you mind them knowing, then no problem!

Questions are not linked. If you explicitly state who you are in a response then management won't be able to see all the other questions that you have submitted. All responses to surveys are combined into one pool which can be filtered in ways that allow management to see which departments (for instance) are affected and can thus act more effectively.

We at Roslin would like to stress that all users' trust in the system is critical to its success in your organisation. We take this responsibility very seriously. If you are concerned about this, please email us at

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