Sharing Review Results

Sharing Basics

After the feedback has been received and the moderator has progressed the review to the Draft stage, the moderator (or a Roslin Admin) can share the results with anyone in the organisation.

Progress to step 5, which is the sharing step.

Here you can use the search box to find any active user in the organisation and select the sharing level. Click share when you're happy with your selection.

Sharing Levels

Summary - The moderator's name, review and summary will be shared with the recipient.

Partial - The moderator's name and review, along with aggregated feedback from other respondents, will be shared with the recipient.

Full - All reviewers' feedback and names will be shared with the recipient.

This sharing feature allows the moderator to share the results with anyone in the organisation and with varying levels of transparency. This means they could share with the Reviewee at an Anonymous level but with another executive at a Full level.

The Results Tab (Moderator, Anonymous and Full Sharing)

To access the results of a review round, navigate the sidebar to Performance > Reviews > Moderation and click the Results button next to the name of the person you want to moderate.

The summary tab shows you the summary of a given review.

The By Role Tab (Anonymous and Full Sharing)

This tab will show the results for the full review but will obfuscate the reviewer's information. As you can see above, feedback is grouped into Self, Others, Manager, Peers and Direct Reports. 

If multiple templates were used during the review, you need to cycle through the templates by using the dropdown at the top right.

The By Reviewer tab (Full sharing)

This tab will chart the feedback and indicate the names of the reviewers for ratings and comments. Note again how templates must be cycled if multiple were used.

The Forms Tab (Full Sharing)

The Forms tab is available should you want to see the form completed by each reviewer.

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