Objective Progress Updates

What are progress updates for?

Objectives are set by an employee with or without the help of their manager. Check-ins are the process by which those objectives are updated to show progress.

For instance, if your Key Result on an objective is to produce 100 widgets, you would do a weekly check-in and update that number. Perhaps 11 the first week and then a total of 23 the following week. This way, you and your manager are up to date and can easily track progress across your various objectives.

The Roslin Home Page is a central hub for all your objectives. 

How to check-in

Roslin displays all your objectives neatly on your Home page. Click on check-in displayed in brackets next to your objective, as seen below:

his will take you to a simple screen, as shown below, where you can update the value of your Key Results. comment

Completing (or not completing) Objectives

Finally, you'll be able to mark the objective as complete or incomplete. If you've hit the targets, mark the objective as complete. If not, and you're going to abandon progress on the objective, mark it as incomplete. This will preserve the data associated with the objective but hide it from your objectives list.

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