Creating Objectives

Understanding OKRs

OKRs include objectives and key results. Objectives outline what you wish to achieve. They are action-oriented, concrete and inspirational. Key results show how you will reach the objective and monitor your progress. They are time-bound, specific and measurable.

"OKRs have helped lead us to 10x growth, many times over. They’ve helped make our crazily bold mission of 'organising the world’s information' perhaps even achievable. They’ve kept me and the rest of the company on time and on track when it mattered the most." – Larry Page, co-founder of Google.

For a full explanation with an example, see our blog article on Google’s OKR system and how it can work for your teams.

Create a New Objective

Navigate to the objectives section on your home page and click the See all objectives option.

Next, click on the new objective button.

This will take you to a simple screen where you can create your objective. Choose a title, description and due date.

Creating Key Results

So, how do you know if you’ve achieved your objective, and what must your team do to work towards it? That’s what Key Results are for. They are the way that you measure progress!

In the Key Results section, you'll see a list of Key Results currently linked to this Objective. You can add more by clicking the Add Key Result button at the bottom.

Simply complete the form as shown below by following the guidance. Note the bottom of the form where it's shown how your Key Result and its progress will be displayed.

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