Create Review Templates

Why Templates?

To run reviews for your staff, you'll need to build the templates you plan to send to the reviewers. These hold the actual questions that the reviewers will answer. You can learn how to create Review Questions here.

As you will see later, you can also send different templates during and Review. The manager and reviewee might have one template, while the peers and direct reports use a different template.

Bear this in mind, as you may want to create multiple templates. We recommend you use one template to get started, as this makes interpretation of the responses much easier later.

To get started, you can go to Performance > Templates on the sidebar.

Creating a new Template

You can create a blank template by clicking the Create Template button.

A template has three sections: Settings, Form and Weightings. The settings, as shown below, include the Title, Status (must be active to be used in a review) and the Introduction that staff will see when completing the template during a review.

On the Form Tab, you can change the Sections and Questions of the template. Add sections to group your questions under. Clicking Add Question will show you a selection of your active Questions as created previously.

Review Template Weightings

On the Weighting tab, you’ll be allowed to customise the weights that different sections and questions hold. If the customise weight option is not selected, the weights of the sections and questions will be equally distributed. This can only be updated if the template is not Active or not In Use.

Text questions can not be weighted. 

You can also Preview your form to see what reviewers would see when completing it.

Clone one of your own templates

All of your own templates can be cloned. Simply click the Clone button to make a copy. This creates a quick start instead of starting from scratch when creating a new template.

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