Create Recognition

Using the recognition feature is a great way to recognise the efforts of one or multiple people within your team or company. An example of recognition is displayed below. If set as public, other people at the company can add Kudos and comment on the recognition.

Creating Recognition

Creating or editing a recognition is quite simple. Select the recipient(s), select a badge, select visibility and then enter the message. You'll be able to do so from the Company tab on the sidebar.

Select Recipients

You can select up to ten people for your recognition.

Choose Private or Public Recognition

Public Recognition is visible on the home page. To get to the home page, click on the Roslin logo on the top left of the screen on the sidebar. On mobile, you'll need to open the sidebar to see it.

Private Recognition is only visible to the sender and the receiver. Roslin admins can see the count of both public and private recognitions but cannot read the content of that recognition. (Unless they are the sender or receiver, obviously!)

Choose a Badge

Badges are a great way of adding more context to your recognition. On the free version of Roslin, you can choose from our starting selection of badges. For companies on our pro version, your admin might have created new badges that align with your company values which you'll then be able to select from.

When you're done with your recognition, click the submit button on the bottom right.

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