Create a Subscription

To subscribe to one of Roslin's modules, you need to create a subscription to that module.

You can do this by going to Organisation > Subscriptions and clicking on the Upgrade button for either Roslin Performance or Engagement.

This will take you to the New Subscription screen, where you can configure your billing, payment details, etc.

Maximum Active Users: This is the number of users using the module. This includes all survey participants for the Engagement Module or all Performance Review participants for the Performance Module. If you have 50 staff, you should enter 50 here if you want them to access Roslin.

Product Plan: You can select between monthly or annual billing here. There is a discount for annual billing.

Monthly Billing: This shows what you can expect to be billed based on your active users and selected Product Plan. This can vary if you add or remove users during the subsequent months, as your billing will be adjusted Pro Rata.

Payment Method: Enter your credit card details here. For larger payments, please feel free to reach out to our support team, as wires are accepted in certain scenarios.

Once done with the form, you can click the Start Free Trial or Subscribe button.

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