Data Privacy and Security


The only way to take reliable information from our applications is for the end-users to feel safe and secure in relinquishing data. We develop the application, approach our data, and surrounding security measures with precisely that in mind.

Security Measures

Our approach is centred around keeping our users, their information, and their identities safe.

We use SSL/HTTPS for all requests.

All accounts are password-secured with optional MFA.

Where is Data Stored?

Data is stored securely in Azure in the United Kingdom. Access to the data is highly restricted, adhering to the security and storage guidelines of GDPR and POPIA.

How is access to data secured?

Access to all data is restricted to the administrators within the application itself. Our team has access to the data if given express permission to do so by your administrators.


We comply with POPIA and GDPR. We also ensure that our team is aware and trained in these regulations to ensure no break in compliance exists.

Who do we share data with?

We do not share data at all.

Some data is scrubbed and cleared of any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) before being sent to Google Analytics and Mixpanel. This is for improving the product only, and access to this data is also restricted.

You can also look at our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.

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